What if losing weight and keeping it off could be as natural as breathing?  For thousands of years in human history it was! 
Your mission should you choose to accept, is in 12 weeks to develop 5 simple ancient habits, that will bring back your body’s natural vitality, health and lean look, without having to constantly be thinking about your diet, fitness or weight loss. Your new healthy habits will take care of your body, so you can focus on enjoy your life!
Weight Loss Made Simple
What do you get with this course
  • 7 Modules and each module focuses on one thing you can do to develop and make habitual the 5 healthy behaviors.
  • Each Module comes with a video and worksheet contenting everything you need to know about the habit it teaches and all the actions you need to take in order to develop that habit.
  • Each week there is a group coaching session.  You don't need to make all group coaching sessions but if you feel stuck with one of the habits, you should definitely come to one.  All group coaching session are done by Stavros
  • Invitation to join the private Live Your Way Thin System, support Facebook Group.  Many of the obstacles that you may face, other people have overcome.  Posting your obstacles on this support group can be a huge help.  Stavros also check for questions on the support group also.
  • You have lifetime access to all the material in the course.
We guarantee that if you develop these 5 healthy behaviors you will lose weight and you will improve your health and you will have an easy time maintaining the results. If by the end of the program you have not lost any weight and you have not seen any improvements, although you have developed all 5 healthy behaviors we will give your money back.
To qualify for the money back guarantee, you have to make at least 50% of all the group coaching and you have to have watched, read and done all the training that comes with each module, which by the way are very easy to do. Keep in mind, all healthy regions have these 5 healthy behaviors in common and they work with human nature, so with a little practice they can all become habitual.

What People Say Who Have Lost Weight Through The Live Your Way Thin System

“Before meeting Stavros I had lost weight many times in the past only to gain it back again and then some. But since following Stavros’s program, this is the first time in my life that I have been able to finally lose the weight and keep it off for good!
It has been 4 years since I have reached my goal weight and I have been able to maintain it easily and effortlessly. This is by far the best weight loss program I have ever tried! Thank you Stavros!”

-Emily Volpintesta (Lost 38lbs)

“So simple, and yet extremely effective. I still can’t believe how simple it was to change my eating habits and lose weight with The Live Your Way Thin system. I lost over 65lbs and I have no problem keeping it off. This is a must try program for anyone who wants to lose weight for good.”

-Neil J Hutchins (lost 65lbs)
The Live Your Way Thin System Online Course is the most comprehensive weight loss system ever put together.  You will not just learn the 5 essential behaviors for a lean and healthy body, that all healthy regions around the world have in common.  But you will lean how to make all 5 behaviors completely habitual and part of your life, so when you finally achieve the lean and healthy body you want, you get to keep it, without having to constantly be thinking about your diet or fitness program.

Imagine, by joining our course this February,  you could have the lean and healthy body you always wanted by this spring.  Most importantly your new healthy body you get to keep it for life!
The lean and healthy body you always wanted is 5 simple habits way, which you can learn in 12 short weeks
Bonus #1: 21 of my favorite Mediterranean recipes. (Value $27)
Healthy eating becomes much easier when you have simple great tasting recipes available to you.

Bonus #2: ONE, 25-minute private online session with Stavros to be used anytime during the 12 weeks for additional help. (Value $200)
As we trying to develop new habitual behaviors there will be obstacles that get in your way and having a coach work with you one on one could make a huge difference in helping you get over those obstacles. For signing up today, Stavros is giving out 1, 25-minute online session with him, to help you with any obstacles that get in your way as you are applying his program. You can use this session anytime during the 12 weeks of the program.

Bonus #3: How To Boost Your Immune System So You Hardly Ever Get Sick. (Value $297)
This is a brand-new online course that will teach you 5 simple habits you can incorporate into your life, that will give a huge boost to your immune system. Since I incorporated these 5 simple habits into my life, I have not gotten sick for close to 10 years. These 5 simple habits have been proven scientifically to boost your immune system. With this course, just like the Live Your Way Thin System course, you will not just learn about these 5 simple behaviors, but you will learn how to incorporate them into our life, so they become completely habitual and part of your everyday life. This course is going to be released this spring for $297. However, you will get it early and for free as a bonus for signing up for the Live Your Way Thin system online course.

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